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They include those seeking a divorce, those who did not ask for the divorce, those concerned about protecting their children, those concerned with protecting their family finances, and those concerned with many other family issues.

CLIENTS INCLUDE managers, professionals and business owners; employees of private companies, non-profits, and international organizations; government officials and employees; salaried and hourly workers; retirees; and financial dependents. They include working single parents and stay-at-home mothers and fathers. Some are in their twenties, some well past retirement age. Some clients have high income and multi-million-dollar assets involving complex distributions; others have little or no income and few assets. Some have complex family situations, some simple. All benefit from expertise, experience, sensitivity and compassion.

OBJECTIVES VARY WIDELY. Some clients are primarily concerned with shielding children from the adverse effects of divorce. Some are most concerned with an equitable division of assets. Many want to avoid court above all else. Others want to preserve a lifestyle or protect a career, a business or a professional identity. Still others give priority to confidentiality and discretion. Our client’s objective is our objective.