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The collaborative process is typically appropriate in non-adversarial divorce, non-marital relationship break-ups, child custody and other parenting concerns, pre-nuptial agreements, domestic partnership agreements, domestic partnership dissolutions, property disputes, financial support, probate matters, neighbor conflict and business disputes.

Collaborative professionals often work in teams involving attorneys, collaborative coaches, a financial professional, and, if children are involved, a child specialist. The team communicates regularly and works together in an interdisciplinary environment, using all team resources to identify issues proactively and help the parties generate mutually acceptable settlements.

THE BURR LAW FIRM is an acknowledge leader in collaborative law. Barbara Burr both leads collaborative teams on behalf of clients and trains other attorneys in the collaborative process.

THE COLLABORATIVE LAW PRACTICE CENTER OF WASHINGTON, D.C., based at the Burr Law Firm, complements our style with its full range of resources available to clients. Comprised of a network of professionals with a shared vision of changing the way people resolve disputes, Center professionals help clients work through family matters of any type and ‘re-group’ their lives in the wake of divorce, child-custody, financial disputes, and other marital and relationship disruptions.

More information about the Center and its resources for both families in need of conflict resolution and for collaborative professionals

Information about training programs for attorneys and other professionals in the collaborative process (202.480.2160)  BARB -- NEED TO KNOW WHAT THIS TRAINING MENTION SHOULD LINK TO