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Services and Payment Policy

To retain our services, each client must enter into a mutually agreeable fee agreement. The fee agreement becomes the complete understanding regarding payment of legal fees and expenses, including the prevailing hourly rates charged by Burr Law Firm lawyers, paralegals and other non-lawyers, as well as fees charged for costs and expenses incurred by the Burr Law Firm on behalf of clients. In the event that a potential client makes a payment before signing a fee agreement and we subsequently decline representation or the potential client then chooses not to retain our services, the Burr Law Firm will charge for the reasonable value of our time and expenses based on prevailing rates.

Privacy Policy

As professionals engaged in the provision of legal services, the Burr Law Firm is committed to protecting the privacy of confidential and personal information, including personal data relating to individuals who may be clients, staff, agents, lawyers, law students, job applicants or others inside or outside the Firm. It is the Burr Law Firm’s policy to comply with the duty to preserve and protect confidential client information as set forth in the rules of professional conduct.