Burr Law Firm


more than just legal expertise

Divorce is routinely cited as the most stressful event in a person’s life.

So it demands the utmost in personal sensitivity and care along with the best professional support. There are no ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions to the complex issues of divorce. We strongly believe in scrupulous respect for each client’s goals, sensitive attention to each client’s situation, and thorough execution of the best legal, financial and administrative strategies.

OUR STYLE—what we believe distinguishes us from others—is the combination of professional expertise and experience with sensitivity and compassion.

OUR OBJECTIVE is the optimal resolution of each issue for each client

THE COLLABORATIVE LAW PRACTICE CENTER OF WASHINGTON, D.C., based at the Burr Law Firm, complements our style with its full range of resources available to clients. Representing a network of professionals, the Center’s staff can help clients work through family-law proceedings of any type and ‘re-group’ their lives in the wake of divorce, child-custody or financial disputes, and other marital disruptions and contentions.