Burr Law Firm

What Clients Say

what clients say

The Burr Law Firm came to me highly recommended and more than lived up to its reputation in my extremely acrimonious divorce. Along with outstanding legal work, I got life-sustaining emotional support.
— Stay-at-home mother of two elementary school children

I’m so thankful to have the Burr Firm on my side. The combination of smart, quick, and compassionate is priceless.
— Dad in a custody and support dispute

If I ever go through this again (heaven forbid!), the Burr Firm will be the one I call.
— Working mother of one child

The Firm’s financial savvy in the buyout of my wife’s stake in our business made our divorce as painless and practical as these matters can conceivably be.
— Business owner

I’ll always be grateful to the Burr Firm. They walked me through my divorce and the related US residency issues, as well as the tough emotions.
— Non-US citizen

The Burr Law Firm jump started negotiations, then gave caring, effective advice through every step of the way.
— Father of a young professional in a child custody dispute